Why We Did Being 18 Matters

Being 18 Matters! When you become 18, you are considered an adult and are entitled to certain legal rights, but with those legal rights come certain legal obligations and responsibilities, not only as an adult, but as a citizen of your community. Being 18 Matters is intended to help young adults and others better understand what those legal rights and responsibilities are.

Who We Are

Central Kentucky American Inns of Court is an organization of lawyers and judges in the community dedicated to promoting professionalism, ethics, civility and excellence in the practice and administration of law. Its mission is to promote the respect of the rule of law, not only through example, but also through education and mentoring.

What This Is

As part of its mission, Central Kentucky American Inns of Court decided to create a website for 18- year olds to provide information to help them better understand their legal rights as adults, as well as the legal responsibilities they have when they turn 18. Many lawyers, young and old, from all walks of life have donated their time to gather this information. Working with the Fayette County Board of Education and the Bryan Station High School IT Academy, this website was designed to provide easy access to this important information. We hope this website will be used by 18-year olds and others to better understand important legal rights and responsibilities. We particularly hope 18- year olds find this website useful as they enter a new phase of life.

Special Thanks

Central Kentucky American Inns of Court wants to thank the Fayette County Board of Education for their support of this project. A special thanks goes to the teams and students at Bryan Station High School IT Academy who worked hard to create this website along with their amazing professor David Lane.

Legal Disclaimer

If you don’t know already, life is full of fine print. Because this site is created by lawyers, there are many rules they must comply with to provide this site to you. What does that mean? We have to give you a warning: we are providing this site as a gift so you may review it and gain some general information about what it means to turn 18. Can we cover every question you may have? Of course not. So, if you have specific questions or you think you may need to talk to an attorney, do it! Fill out our contact information or look at the links page to get in touch with an attorney who can answer your specific question. Websites cannot replace individual conversations. Most importantly, any website is no substitute for talking to an attorney who can give you advice based upon your situation. Since we are providing general information on this site, you should know, you cannot rely upon this site to make real life decisions. And if you use this site, without consulting a lawyer, we are not responsible for the outcome.